Just Another Day in Paradise

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Angie Ryan

Frisco, TX
An Independent Agent with WorldVia in Albertville, MN
Cruise Specialist, Destination Weddings, Luxury

Cruising is a great way to see the world in comfort. I have had many exciting personal cruise experiences which I use often when helping a client choose a destination or find the right ship and accommodations. I've been on 22 cruises on 8 differen...

Another Hotel - Another Umbrella Drink
I'm frequently asked if, as a travel agent, I have the opportunity to travel. Yes, I do. Most people think it's all glamour. Nobody would believe what it's like when, as a travel agent, I travel as part of a group for the purpose of inspecting hotels and facilities for Destination Weddings.

In a typical day we start early, load onto buses and leave our host hotel to visit another hotel for breakfast. We have a complete and thorough tour of the property, the spa, all the restaurants, the lobbies, the grounds, the beach area, their wedding pavillions and/or chapels as well as different categories of rooms with various locations, views and layouts. The properties are usually quite large and very spread out. It's lots and lots of walking.

Next we will visit at least one more hotel property before lunch, then we arrive at our third for lunch. At every stop, each hotel wants us to see EVERYTHING they have. They are always so friendly and welcoming and each provides us with reasons to send our wedding couples there.

After lunch we will usually visit two more properties (and ALL their facilities) before returning to our host hotel. We are all pretty much exhausted when we get back, but most likely we will have a reception to attend within a couple of hours. And possibly, it's at another hotel, and we'll have another tour of the property.

In a normal trip I will probably inspect 10 to 15 hotels in the course of three days. In my years as a travel agent I have been to literally hundreds of site inspections.

Yes, I have the opportunity to travel. And when I come back exhausted from a trip after sweating and walking so many miles, the first time I'm able to use the precious knowledge provided to me in that experience, I remind myself just how lucky I am to be in the travel industry, especially the Destination Wedding specialty.
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